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    H. R. McDenlloch writes to Weller regarding Hattie (Harriet) Slamper, his recently adopted or apprenticed girl. He says that he and his family are "very much disappointed" in Hattie because she acts very silly, and cannot "retain impressions long enough ever to obtain a practical education." He asks to exchange Hattie for a girl in similar age and size, and reiterates that Hattie is "feeble minded," but "kind hearted and harmless and willing to do right so far as she understands." Letter marked Daysville, KY. In a second letter from 22 May 1894, McDenlloch writes again to Weller regarding Hattie, he he says "does not suit us at all" and "is in no way trustworthy or reliable has great distaste for her books, will not tell truth if she can avoid it, and has not [sisfinent?] Mother wit to take on an education." He calls her an idiot, and claims the Home took advantage of their confidence. He insists that the Home return all indentures and the five dollars for adoption. Letter marked Dayville, KY. In a third letter from 28 May 1894, McDenlloch says that he is sending Hattie for Louisville on June 2nd at 7AM via the Ferguson station. He says that if Weller has Hattie examined by two competent doctors "and they do not pronounce her deficient, or weak minded" then he will not demand his money back. Letter marked Daysville, KY.
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