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Indian Wars of the West
"Containing biographical sketches of those pioneers who headed the western settlers in repelling the attacks of the savages, together with a view of the character, manners, monuments, and antiquities of the western Indians."

Letters from the West
Containing sketches of scenery, manners, and customs, and anecdotes connected with the first settlements of the western sections of the United States.

Letters from the South and West
Contains observations on the first settlers of Kentucky as well as their cabins, crops, animals and customs.

Memoir, correspondence, and miscellanies, from the papers of Thomas Jefferson, vol. 1.
Includes two letters which Jefferson wrote to John Randolph in 1775 at the commencement of the Revolution, and a letter written by George Rogers Clark to the governor of Virginia in 1779, describing the warfare along the frontier.

Observations on the North-American land company, 1796
Observations on the North-American land-company, contains an illustration of the object of the company's plan, the articles of association, with a succinct account of the states wherein their lands lie: to which are added, remarks on American lands…

Acts passed at a General Assembly in Richmond, 1 May 1780
Many of the acts pertain to the Revolution, including acts to provision a militia for the relief of South Carolina, to punish desertion, to provide better wages for those guarding the frontier against Native American attacks, to establish the town of…