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Letter to Thomas Walker Bullitt from Mildred Ann Bullitt discussing Henry Massie Bullitt eating meals with Sabra and Frank Walker, two people enslaved by the Bullitt family, March 26th, 1859.
A letter from Mildred Ann Bullitt (Oxmoor) to her son, Thomas Walker Bullitt, dated March 26th, 1859. Mildred writes about how her son, Henry, was eating in the slave cabins with Sabra and Frank Walker.

Last Will and Testament of William C. Bullitt, November 18th, 1875.
In an addendum in the last will and testament of William Christian Bullitt, dated September 13th, 1876, Bullitt leaves a one hundred dollar annuity to Frank Walker and Louisiana Taylor, people he previously enslaved at the Oxmoor plantation.