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Speech of the Honorable Henry Clay before the American colonization society, 20 January 1827
Speech of the Hon. Henry Clay, before the American Colonization Society, in the hall of the House of Representatives, January 20, 1827. With an appendix, containing the documents therein referred to.

The Wilderness Road
A description of the routes of travel by which the pioneers and early settlers first came to Kentucky.

History of the Backwoods, or, the Region of the Ohio: authentic, from the earliest accounts
History of the Ohio Rivery Valley from early accounts. Includes many events, notices of prominent pioneers, sketches of early settlements, etc.

Compagnie de Colonisation Americaine, stock certificate, 1 July 1820
French stock certificate for one share in the Compagnie de Colonisation Americaine (American Colonization Company). Share is for 100 acres of land in Virginia and Kentucky for an investment of 1300 francs. Yields six percent annual interest.…