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Letter to W. L. Weller from S. B. Worwood, December 9th, 1894.
Worwood writes to Weller to say that he thinks it would be best for him to pick out a child from the Home himself, so he is going to wait until spring to come to the Home. He says that he wants to take a boy by apprenticeship, so that in case he dies…

Letter to the Baptist Orphans Home from G. B. Stovall, January 2nd, 1894.
Stovall writes to the Home asking about available girls to adopt 10 years or over. She specifies that she and her husband have a girl, and they would raise the orphan as their own. Letter marked Blandvill, Ballard co., KY

Letter to the Baptist Orphans Home from N. A. Roys, June 17th, 1893.
N. A. Roys writes to the Home regarding a girl he and his wife adopted last winter, Rosa McFarrian. He says that he wrote to Hollingsworth asking her to take Rosa back but has not heard from her. He asks what the charge would be to return her, and…