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Bill of sale for Ake, Lidia, and their four children, all people enslaved by Alexander Scott Bullitt, June 12th, 1810.
Bill of sale for six people enslaved by Alexander Scott Bullitt and Tarleton Goolsby, dated June 12th, 1810. The names mentioned include: Ake, Lidia (Ake's wife), and their four children (Kanly, Amie, Aggi, and Frank).

Letter to John C. Bullitt from Mildred Ann Bullitt concerning the death of Aunt Aggy, August 2nd, 1841.
A letter from Mildred Ann Bullitt (Oxmoor) to John C. Bullitt (Danville), dated August 2nd, 1841. Mildred Ann Bullitt mentions that Aunt Aggy, a woman enslaved by the Bullitt family, has died and that Frank is ill.

Last Will and Testament of Alexander Scott Bullitt, August 24th, 1815.
Alexander Scott Bullitt's last will and testament, dated August 24th, 1815, and probated on May 13th, 1816. This document mentions all the people enslaved by Alexander Scott Bullitt, including: Jenny (and her four children Bobb, Molly, Stafford,…