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Art Deco style building, labeled "Jai Ali Club." Verso reads, "Enlisted Men's Club in Manila" and "4/13/46" Building was built for jai alai games and was also known as the Roosevelt Club for Enlisted Men.

The Manila Hotel in the Philippines shown in 1946. Front reads, "Manila Hotel" and also "Army Navy Club". However, the Army and Navy Club, while similar in appearance, is a different building. The Manila Hotel was occupied by the Japanese for the…

Heavily damaged building shows evidence of shelling. Front reads, "San Luis Terrace" Verso reads, "4/13/46"

Greek Revival style building with front facade partially toppled. Front reads, "Legislative Bldg." Verso reads, "4/13/46"

The Central United Methodist Church in Manila, Philippines, shown heavily damaged. Front reads, "Central Church" Verso reads, "4/13/46"

Heavily damaged, and burned building in the Earthquake Baroque style. Front reads, "Saint Luis Church" Verso reads, "4/13/46"

Heavily damaged building with a tower surrounded by piles of rubble. Front reads, "City Hal[l]" Verso reads, "4/13/46"

Bullet-riddled building at the University of the Philippines in Manila. Front reads, "Villamor Hall U. (P.)" Verso reads, "4/17/46"

Destroyed building, probably in Manila, Philippines. Text on front illegible. Verso reads "4/17/46"

Novia James White (standing left) poses with a B-29 crew next to the front landing gear of number 32 in 1945. Most of the men are dressed in flight suits, while a few wear khakis.
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