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No 11 - East side of 7th St betw Broadway and Magazine 1950_web.jpg
Photograph taken at 7th Street between Broadway and Magazine Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 1950.

No 10 - 7th St betw Broadway and Magazine 1951 - site of former LFC_web.jpg
The site of the former Louisville Female College, 1951. This view looking south provides a good view of the antebellum date row houses that would also soon be demolished. The Gene Snyder U. S. Courthouse and Custom House (the U. S. Post Office, Court…

No 9 - East side of 7th betw Broadway and Magazine, 1950 [1951] - Girls Finishing School before Civil War_web.jpg
Photograph taken at 7th Street and Magazine Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 1951, with demoltion underway and sign for M & R Wrecking & Lumber Company.

No 8 - east side of 7th betw broadway & magazine, 1950_web.jpg
Building once home to the pre-Civil War Louisville Female College, east side of 7th Street between Broadway and Magazine, 1950.

No 7 - Old mansion at 7th and Chestnut, 1951_web.jpg
Old mansion at 7th and Chestnut Streets, 1951. The sign over the door reads Huston and a smaller sign to the right of the door reads “COL HOTEL” which by that time, the area being in the African American business district, likely indicates it was a…

No 6 - alley running north bet 6th & 7th walnut & chesnut, 1951_web.jpg
View from the alley running north between 6th and 7th Streets between Chestnut and Walnut Streets, 1951. The church steeple in the distance is the Cathedral of the Assumption on 5th north of Muhammad Ali (previously Walnut). The Republic Building and…

No 5 - 8th and liberty looking southeast, 1946_web.jpg
8th and Liberty Streets looking southeast, 1946. The Metropolitan Sewer District building is there today.

No 4 - 106-108 W Walnut 1951_web.jpg
106-108 W. Walnut Street (now Muhammad Ali Blvd.), 1951. The J. Graham Brown School now occupies those lots.

No 3 - 13th and Madison 1946_web.jpg
13th and Madison Streets, 1946. Light industry, apartments, and a small city park now occupy that intersection.

No 2 - 734 Dixie - rear window view 1951_web.jpg
View from the rear window of 734 Dixie Highway, site of former LFC.
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