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Still Life Watercolor, ca. 1887

Watercolor still life and practice of color theory created by Enid Bland Yandell. Date is unknown, but it probably created during her time at the Art Academy of Cincinnati (1887-1889).

Page from Early Career Scrapbook of Enid Yandell, 1891-1899

A page from Enid Bland Yandell's early career scrapbook. Enid actively documented her career by clipping articles that related to her and other women sculptors. This page shows a Courier-Journal article, "Miss Yandell's Work in Paris" (1896). The…

The Branstock School Advertisement, 1911

Advertisement for The Branstock found within "The Craftsman" journal. In 1907 Enid Bland Yandell founded Branstock, a summer art school that taught a variety of classes.

Figurines by Enid Yandell, ca. 1912

Group of small figurines Enid created between 1897-1912 including: Bluebeard's Wife (1911), The Five Senses (ca. 1909), and the Fisher Boy and Mermaid tankard (1897).

Mademoiselle Deckert de la Meillaie. ca. 1904

Half figure bust of Mademoiselle Deckert de la Meillaie with her hair pulled up on top of her head and a shawl wrapped around her bare shoulders. Her hand rests on the head of a dog. One of only two known portraits by Yandell in the half-figure…

Bust of Emma Willard, 1898

Bust of Emma Willard. The notation reads Public Library, Albany, New York.

Enid and nude in studio, n.d.

Enid Bland Yandell painting or drawing a nude female figure, no date.

Chief Ninigret Statue

Enid Bland Yandell poses with model and sculpture of Indian Chief Ninigret. This was Enid's last major public commission which depicted the Niantic chief know for his peaceful relations with European settlers in his territory of Rhode Island. The…

The Five Senses Fountain, 1909

The Five Senses Fountain at an unknown site. The fountain was cast in bronze and measured 7' H, 5'3" in diameter at the basin. This was one of two works which Yandell exhibited in the 1913 Armory Show.

Hogan's Fountain, 1903-1904

Detail of Pan and the terrapins on Hogan's Fountain in Cherokee Park.

Victory Statue, 1903-1904

Victory statue made of staff or plaster which was commissioned for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, MO. Two identical versions were made - one of staff and one of plaster. The Municipal Museum in St. Louis, MO owns the plaster.

Statue of Hermes, 1889

Front view of marble statue of Hermes, Enid's final project for the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Carrie Brown Memorial Fountain. 1899

Enid Bland Yandell poses in her studio in front of the plaster cast of the Carrie Brown Memorial Fountain. She is holding some of the tools used to sculpt the piece.

Enid Bland Yandell and Janet Scudder in studio, ca. 1891

Enid Bland Yandell (center), Janet Scudder (left), and two other women pose on scaffolding in front of a caryatide in Lorado Taft's studio in Chicago. Enid along with Janet worked in Taft's studio together during the World's Columbian Exposition,…

Pallas Athena, 1897

Statue of Pallas Athena outside the Parthenon, displayed at the Tennessee Centennial Exposition in Nashville, Tennessee. The statue was twenty-five feet tall (forty feet with the base) and became the symbol of the Exposition. It was an exact copy of…

Enid Bland Yandell in ball gown, n.d.

Enid Bland Yandell in ball gown (costume) standing before an ornate throne. Possibly when she was crowned the Queen of the carnival as part of pagenants and entertainments of the Satellies of Mercury.

Enid Bland Yandell and friends, ca. 1900

Enid Bland Yandell (center) stands with a group of women in the woods. All the women are holding bouquets of flowers.

Enid Yandell with Red Cross, ca. 1917

Enid Bland Yandell, (seated, third from the right) sits with fellow Red Cross members at the Debarkation Records Department in New Jersey.

Enid Yandell and Geysa de Braunecker in France, ca. 1895

Enid Bland Yandell and Baroness Geysa Hortense de Braunecker pose with a bicycle in the French countryside. Enid is on the right holding a bicyle, and Geysa Hortense de Braunecker is holding a dog. Both women are wearing hats.

Enid Yandell and Geysa de Braunecker in studio, ca. 1898

Enid Bland Yandell and Baroness Geysa Hortense de Braunecker with Mary Crosby Hunt bas relief [1898] posing in studio. The current location of this bas relief is unknown.