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Views of the campaigns of the North-Western army
Comprising of sketches of the campaigns of Generals Hull and Harrison, a minute and interesting account of the naval conflict on Lake Erie, military anecdotes, abuses in the army, a plan of a military settlement, a view of the lake coast from…

Letter from Isaac Foster to Robert Simpson, 24 August 1813

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Isaac Foster sends love to his wife and child while serving as a soldier in the War of 1812. He thinks they will go on to St. Mary’s and wait there for further orders. He writes of attacks by Native Americans.

Ballad concerning the War of 1812
A handwritten copy of the text of a 19th-century ballad, consisting of twenty-one verses, concerning an acrtual event in the War of 1812. Although untitled, other sources variously entitled it as "Kingston Volunteers", "Ballad of James Bird", and…

Warrick Miller's commission as Captain, 5 April 1816
Warrick Miller's commission as Captain in the militia, by Governor Isaac Shelby

Letter from Henry Clay to William Simmons, 14 December 1813
Letter from Henry Clay to William Simmons at the War Department requesting the proper pension to be paid to the widow of Colonel John Allen, who was killed at the Battle of River Raisin.

Letter from Henry Clay to William Wilkins, 18 January 1812
Letter from Henry Clay to William Wilkins anticipating the War of 1812 before the end of the session in Congress, discussing raising money for military force, and appointing officers for said milita.

Letter from James Young Love to Eliza Tunstal, 10 May 1813

Written from the "foot of the Miami [River] Rappids," to Eliza Tunstal in which Love describes a battle at Fort Meigs on the Maumee River in Ohio. He states that while the American soldiers were holding their own against the British and Native…