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  • Enid_p08.jpg

    A page from Enid Bland Yandell's early career scrapbook. Enid actively documented her career by clipping articles that related to her and other women sculptors. This page shows a Courier-Journal article, "Miss Yandell's Work in Paris" (1896). The article also includes an image of a statuette of Miss Elsie Yandell, and an image of Enid at work in her Paris studio
  • 987PC52X_273.jpg

    Group of small figurines Enid created between 1897-1912 including: Bluebeard's Wife (1911), The Five Senses (ca. 1909), and the Fisher Boy and Mermaid tankard (1897).
  • 987PC52X_112.jpg

    Victory statue made of staff or plaster which was commissioned for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, MO. Two identical versions were made - one of staff and one of plaster. The Municipal Museum in St. Louis, MO owns the plaster.
  • 987PC52X_109.jpg

    Front view of marble statue of Hermes, Enid's final project for the Art Academy of Cincinnati.
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