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Page from Early Career Scrapbook of Enid Yandell, 1891-1899

A page from Enid Bland Yandell's early career scrapbook. Enid actively documented her career by clipping articles that related to her and other women sculptors. This page shows a Courier-Journal article, "Miss Yandell's Work in Paris" (1896). The…

Figurines by Enid Yandell, ca. 1912

Group of small figurines Enid created between 1897-1912 including: Bluebeard's Wife (1911), The Five Senses (ca. 1909), and the Fisher Boy and Mermaid tankard (1897).

Mademoiselle Deckert de la Meillaie. ca. 1904

Half figure bust of Mademoiselle Deckert de la Meillaie with her hair pulled up on top of her head and a shawl wrapped around her bare shoulders. Her hand rests on the head of a dog. One of only two known portraits by Yandell in the half-figure…

Pages from Enid Yandell's Photograph Album, ca. 1901

Two pages from a photograph album created by Enid Yandell. Photograph album pages. Side One: works of Enid Bland Yandell including: a caryatid (1891-1892) created for the World's Columbian Exposition (Chicago World's Fair of 1893), a bust of Alfred…

Victory Statue, 1903-1904

Victory statue made of staff or plaster which was commissioned for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, MO. Two identical versions were made - one of staff and one of plaster. The Municipal Museum in St. Louis, MO owns the plaster.

Statue of Hermes, 1889

Front view of marble statue of Hermes, Enid's final project for the Art Academy of Cincinnati.