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Image of the Russell Residence, located at 205 South Peterson Avenue.
Childhood portrait of Toska and her older brother Hobart-- or Tox and Hobit as the inscriptions throughout the scrapbook reveal their nicknames to be. Locket sized photographs of Lilian and Frank appear over the shoulders of Tox and Hobit.
Married on August 17, 1895, this photograph shows Lilian M. Stitzel and Frank B. Russell on their wedding day. Lillian would have been 22 when this photo was taken and Frank was 26.
This undated image shows Hobart (Hobit) Russel; getting ready to take his mother(Lilian Russell) and his sister Joyce for a car ride.
Five undated images of Hobart Russell with various props and poses.
Image taken of two unidentified boys on the beaches of Coney Island.
On a duck hunting trip with Lilian in January of 1904, Frank is seen here with a rifle off the Florida coast.
On a duck hunting trip with Frank in January of 1904, Lilian is seen here with a rifle off the Florida coast.
Hobart atop a horse in 1903.
Frank Russell (pictured on the right) along with a R. B. Moore, hunt chickens in South Dakota, 25 miles north of Clark. The men are pictures with their dogs, Nell and Bob.
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