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Letter to Hollingsworth from Coleman of the Western Recorder in Louisville. Coleman and Hollingsworth are meeting for a job opportunity.
Letter to Hollingsworth from J.J. Swan of the Union Depot Hotel in Rockport, Indiana discussing Bethel Church.
Letter to Hollingsworth from J.S. Phelps of Planters Tobacco Warehouse writes to Hollingsworth on behalf of his business partner, Winston, and Winston's wife, Phelps' cousin. Letter is marked Louisville, KY
Lettet to Hollingsworth from E.H. Black of the Kentucky Insitution for the Education of Feeble-Minded Children confirming the arrival of a little girl from the home.
Letter to the home from R.E. Ryan of the Daily and Weekly Ledger, concerning a woman interested in sending her seven year old daughter to the home. Answer written on the back, addressed to a Dr. Peter.
Letter to Hollingsworth from the law office of Jas H. and Jno. M. Wilkins discussing W. Geo. C. Staylore.
Letter to the Baptist Home, presumably addressed to Hollingsworth, from Charles Wright of the South and North Alabama Railroads, requesting to be notified of when a little girl enters the home that would be available for adoption. Letter is marked…
Letter to the Baptist Home from J.B. Wilgus of J.B. Wilgus & Co., a bank in Lexington, recommending Mr. and Mrs. Shivel as a potential adopting family.
Letter to Hollingsworth from J.W. Edwards, Louisville Chief of Police, discussing the delivery of two children to the home.
Letter to Hollingsworth from Arthur Peter of Arthur Peter & Co., Wholesale Druggists and Importers in Louisville. He discusses the chief of police, Mr. Edwards, and the two children of Madame Turpin.
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