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Julius Price, Sr., president of Mammoth Life and Accident Insurance Company, surrounded by three African-American Boy Scouts and two African-American Cub Scouts from the Shawnee District in Louisville, Kentucky.

An unidentified group of American-American men and women with the inscription, "Mammoth Agents in front of Home Office."

An unidentified group of African-American men and women standing on the steps in front of home office of Maammoth Life and Accident Insurance Company.

An unidentified group of African-American men, women, and children near, or inside, a parade float promoting Mammoth Life insurance policies for children.


The second president of Mammoth Life Arthur Douglass Doss—known as A. D. Doss—sitting in a chair in an office. The inscription on the back of the photograph reads, "Mr. Arthur D. Doss 2nd President Co."

2017.23.8_A. D. Doss (1984) by Sam Jurige.jpg
A pastel portrait of the second president of Mammoth Life, Arthur Douglass Doss, known as A. D. Doss.

A group of unidentified African-American men posing in front of two signs, one of which reads the "Sales Commission Success Formula."

2017.23.2_Henry E. Hall (Undated) by Sam Jurige.jpg
A pastel portrait of President Henry E. Hall. He was the first co-president of Mammoth Life with William H. Wright.

Jane Hankins, wife of Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance president Junius E. Hankins, gives a speech at an undated event. Junius E. Hankins is sitting and watching the speech, and an unidentified African American woman stands behind the podium.

A panoramic photograph of African-American life insurance agents, including (from left to right) Rev. J.H. Taylor, [?] Howard, Wash. Jordan Jr., Bernice McMurray, Rosa Vocum, an unidentified woman, W.R. Taylor, Hayes Bransford, A. Douglas Doss,…
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