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View of the iron man advertising sign at Louisville Scrap Material Company [the junk yard] at East River Road and North Preston Street. The sign underneath the iron man reads "I 'am' Scapco the Scrapman"

View to the north of the street at 629 South 4th (Fourth) Street with the Loew's and United Artists theatre. [Loew's is now the Louisville Palace.]

View of Beargrass Creek north of East Broadway. Ballard Mills is in the distance.

East view of the boat landing and the Coast Guard station at West River Road and North 6th (Sixth) Street.

Demolition view of the stone house, door, 924 South 4th (Fourth) Street. [Cousins notes that this is a Henry Whitestone home].

Homes being demolished on Brook Street across from the former Louisville Male High School, now the Salvation Army, at 911 South Brook Street. These homes were torn down for Interstate 65 (I-65).

View of a partially torn down house on East Gray Street. The house was torn down as part of the I-65 construction project.

View of a Drug Store at 2000 Portland Ave in 1959. The original log book from I.W. Cousins reads "E.G. Switzer Drug Store 2000 Portland Ave." A sign on the window says "Katzmann's" and is listed in the city directory in 1959.

Enid Bland Yandell (on right) poses with three unidentified women.

Enid_PrivateViewing_vol. 94.jpg
Page of Enid Bland Yandell's early career scrapbook. Enid actively documented her career by clipping articles that related to her and other sculptors works. This page shows a business card Enid created for a private viewing at her studio at 315 W.…
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