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Julia M. Jackson Woods scrapbook, 1942-1947

This scrapbook was created by Julia M. Jackson Woods (1911-2000), an African American woman from Louisville, Kentucky, who enlisted in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) in November 1942. The scrapbook contains greeting cards, newspaper…

Lithograph of the Louisville Legion, ca. 1840s

Lithograph of the Louisville Legion, Capt. H.C. Grinstead with the Legion marching.

Enid Yandell's Studio Card, ca. 1891

Enid_PrivateViewing_vol. 94.jpg
Page of Enid Bland Yandell's early career scrapbook. Enid actively documented her career by clipping articles that related to her and other sculptors works. This page shows a business card Enid created for a private viewing at her studio at 315 W.…

Hogan's Fountain, 1903-1904

Detail of Pan and the terrapins on Hogan's Fountain in Cherokee Park.

Enid and friends, ca, 1890

Enid Bland Yandell (on right) poses with three unidentified women.

Mule Wagon on East Market Street, 1959

View of sidewalk goods and a mule wagon at 118 East Market Street. The wagon has junk and car tires.

View of the bridge arch and the Ohio River at North 2nd (Second) Street and River Road, 1959.

View of the bridge arch and the Ohio River at North 2nd (Second) Street and River Road. A number of cars a waiting at a stoplight.

Drug Store at 2000 Portland Ave, July 1959

View of a Drug Store at 2000 Portland Ave in 1959. The original log book from I.W. Cousins reads "E.G. Switzer Drug Store 2000 Portland Ave." A sign on the window says "Katzmann's" and is listed in the city directory in 1959.

Demolition of house on East Gray Street, 1959

View of a partially torn down house on East Gray Street. The house was torn down as part of the I-65 construction project.

South 1st Street and East Gray Street, 1959

View of the southeastern corner of the street at South 1st (First) Street and East Gray Street. The image depicts several buildings being demolished for the construction of I-65.

Home on Billy Goat Strut, June 16, 1959

View of an old home at Billy Goat Strut Alley and 110 South Preston Street.

Male High School, June 1959

View of Male High School at South Brook Street and East Breckinridge Street. Properties across the street were raised for Interstate 65.

West Broadway and Armory Place, June 11, 1959

View of the street at West Broadway and Armory Place. Liberty National Bank and Trust Company building and The Courier-Journal, The Louisville Times, and WHAS building are in the frame.

Beargrass Creek. June 1959

View of Beargrass Creek north of East Broadway. Ballard Mills is in the distance.

Demolition of 924 S. 4th Street, May 1959

Demolition view of the stone house, door, 924 South 4th (Fourth) Street. [Cousins notes that this is a Henry Whitestone home].

Northeast corner of S. 4th and West Chestnut Streets, May 1959

Northeast corner of South 4th (Fourth) and West Chestnut Streets including the Louisville Gas and Electric Company building.

629 S. 4th Street, May 1959

View to the north of the street at 629 South 4th (Fourth) Street with the Loew's and United Artists theatre. [Loew's is now the Louisville Palace.]

Louisville Apothecary , May 1959

Louisville Apothecary window display including drug jars and a painting of a model store at 337 West Broadway.

View of the Ohio River, May 1959

North northeast view of Louisville from the top floor of the Columbia Building at the northwest corner of North 4th (Fourth) Street and West Main Street. The Ohio River and George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge [Second Street Bridge] right frame.

Louisville Service Club, June 1959

View of the Louisville Service Club at 824 South 4th (Fourth) Street [now part of Spalding University)