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1937 Flood, W. Jefferson St., National Guard checking motorist.

1937 Flood, W. Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky. National Guard checking motorist. The Packard Roadster at the curb is headed west.

Spanish American War Parade, 1898.

Return of the Louisville Legion from the Spanish American War, Louisville, Ky.

Kentucky National Guard.

From left to right: Tom, Lieut. Allen Leathers, Capt. Bell, Maj. John Mansir, Capt. Merton Craig, Capt. Hal Griffiths.

Kentucky National Guard in Middlesboro. 1890.

Caption: "As we marched down Cumberland Ave in Middlesboro".

Louisville Legion. 1898.

A photograph of the Louisville Legion drilling, ca. 1898.

"March On, Brave Lads, March On!"

Sheet music of the song "March On, Brave Lads, March On!" with music written by Mildred J, Hill and words written by Anna J. Hamilton. The song was written during the Spanish American War of 1898.

Historical sketch and souvenir, March 1891

A historical sketch and souvenir pamphlet of the Louisville Legion, published in March 1891. The pamphlet features photographs and a narrative history of the Louisville Legion.

Louisville Legion Drum and Trumpet Corps Program. April 18, 1895.

A "Minstrels and Dance" program put on by the Louisville Legion Drum and Trumpet Corps, 18 April 1895.

The armory

The second largest armory in the United States.

The Legion in New York -- Washington Centennial 1889

The New York Sun said, "Next came the Kentuckians, the finest looking regiment in the parade. Their single rank is the formation of the future. So perfect was their cadence that the time taken by the music to reach the rear companies caused an…

Prize Battalion of the Louisville Legion

Taken on the steps of the U.S. Treasury Building, 1887. Won second prize at the "Interstate Encampment and Prize Drill" held at the National Capital in May of that year, first prize going to the Washington Light Infantry, only after a "hard pull".