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  • 1919 Bernheim Memorial Hosp_BF_J59_296.jpg

    In January 1918, distillers and philanthropists Bernard and Isaac Bernheim contributed $100,000 for an addition to the Jewish Hospital. One of the conditions attached to the brothers’ donation was their request to rename the hospital Bernheim Memorial Hospital in memory of their parents. The blank hospital bill with the “Bernheim Memorial Hospital” letterhead is a remnant of the board’s initial acceptance of the donation with its conditions.
  • 1969 kosher cook_BF_J59_170.jpg

    Clipping from Service, a Jewish Hospital publication featuring stories about hospital employees and developments, was distributed to members of the Jewish Hospital Association. The clipping features of picture Ms. Evelyn Corder holding a tray of the Seder dinner sent to Jewish patients. 
  • 1954 annual report cover_BF_J59_76.jpg

    Cover of the 1954 Annual Report, the Jewish Hospital Association of Louisville, KY
  • 1974 benefits 1_BF_J59_207.jpg

    A pamphlet outlining Jewish Hospital employee benefits.
  • 1950s Joseph and Joseph plan_BF_J59_2.jpg

    Architectural rendering of the new Jewish Hospital by Joseph & Joseph Architects
  • 1905 cornerstone laying.tif

    A group gathers to lay the cornerstone of the original Jewish Hospital.
  • 1918 Bernheim letter 1_BF_J59_297.jpg

    Letter from Bernard Bernheim to the Board of Directors of Jewish Hospital responding to a decision to keep the Jewish Hospital name. Bernheim contributed $100,000 for an addition to Jewish Hospital on the condition that they rename the hospital Bernheim Memorial Hospital in memory of his parents.
  • 1968 orderlies_BF_J59_155.jpg

    Image from the periodical Micro Scoop on orderlies (nurses' aides) checking the equipment in the new wing of Jewish Hospital. The orderlies are identified as Robert McGregor (L) and William Scrivener (R).
  • 1905 directors and rabbis.tif

    Photograph of the original board of directors and rabbis who oversaw the dedication and creation of Jewish Hospital.
  • 1950 medical center_BF_J59_7.jpg

    Plan for the University of Louisville Medical Center. After World War II, a fervor of urban renewal swept through American cities, shifting populations and remaking neighborhoods with major construction projects. The new downtown Medical Center was a key urban renewal project for Louisville and involved complex coordination between the University of Louisville (U of L), Jewish Hospital, the city, and a forerunner of the Louisville Chamber of Commerce called The Louisville Area Development Association (LADA). The city exercised eminent domain to obtain much of the land, deeming older buildings unsafe and buying or requisitioning them for demolition. U of L then arranged for Jewish Hospital to lease the land for $1 a year for 99 years.
  • 1950s Site of New Jewish_BF_J59_292.jpg

    Sign reading "Site of New Jewish Hospital Affiliated with the University Medical Center."
  • Wathen old hospital drawing_BF_J59_2.jpg

    Sketch of the original Jewish Hospital, undated. Rafael T. Wathen was a longtime employee in the maintenance department at both the old and new Jewish Hospital. He retired in 1965 at age 77.
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