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1967 candy stripers_BF_J59_143.jpg
Clipping from the Jewish Hospital periodical Micro Scoop featuring a photo of a group of women hospital volunteers, also called candy stripers.

1974 Micro Scoop banner_BF_J59_207.jpg
The Micro Scoop newsletter was published by and for employees of Jewish Hospital. Newsletters included information about a diverse range of employees, special events, and changes in benefits.

1974 benefits 1_BF_J59_207.jpg
A pamphlet outlining Jewish Hospital employee benefits.

1969 kosher cook_BF_J59_170.jpg
Clipping from Service, a Jewish Hospital publication featuring stories about hospital employees and developments, was distributed to members of the Jewish Hospital Association. The clipping features of picture Ms. Evelyn Corder holding a tray of the…

1968 orderlies_BF_J59_155.jpg
Image from the periodical Micro Scoop on orderlies (nurses' aides) checking the equipment in the new wing of Jewish Hospital. The orderlies are identified as Robert McGregor (L) and William Scrivener (R).

1967 surgical techs color_BF_J59_143.jpg
Image from the Jewish Hospital periodical Micro Scoop of surgical technicians in training.

1955 future pamphlet city within a city_BF_J59_4.jpg
This graphic and text are from a Jewish Hospital expansion fund pamphlet. Provides examples of the amount of labor needed to run a hospital.

1926 news article 1.jpg
News clippings from the 75th Anniversary scrapbook describing efforts to avoid closing the Jewish Hospital

1954 annual report cover_BF_J59_76.jpg
Cover of the 1954 Annual Report, the Jewish Hospital Association of Louisville, KY

1950s Site of New Jewish_BF_J59_292.jpg
Sign reading "Site of New Jewish Hospital Affiliated with the University Medical Center."
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