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Indian Wars of the West
"Containing biographical sketches of those pioneers who headed the western settlers in repelling the attacks of the savages, together with a view of the character, manners, monuments, and antiquities of the western Indians."

History of the Backwoods, or, the Region of the Ohio: authentic, from the earliest accounts
History of the Ohio Rivery Valley from early accounts. Includes many events, notices of prominent pioneers, sketches of early settlements, etc.

Letter from Isaac Foster to Robert Simpson, 24 August 1813

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Isaac Foster sends love to his wife and child while serving as a soldier in the War of 1812. He thinks they will go on to St. Mary’s and wait there for further orders. He writes of attacks by Native Americans.

Letter from Isaac Hite to Abraham Hite, 26 April 1783
Letter from Isaac Hite to his father relating his business interests in land speculation, salt works, and iron manufacturing. He discusses American Indian hostilities, specifically a raid at Crab Orchard, Kentucky, in which an African American fought…

Letter from John Drummens to Rebecca Drummens, 28 October 1811
Letter from John Drummens to his wife, Rebecca Drummens, in which he talks of marching to "Shawney's Prophets Town," a number of chiefs there are all for peace, and the general opinions between the Indians and the whites is that there will be "now"…

Letter from George Rogers Clark to Jonathan Clark, 11 May 1792
Letter from George Rogers Clark to his brother, Captain Jonathan Clark, discussing Indian troubles, war, and business affairs.