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Pen and ink sketch of Young E. Allison, author and newspaper editor. A prolific writer, Allison is remembered for his epic piratical poem "On Board the Derelict," an expansion of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Fifteen Men on the Dead Man's Chest."
The package in which Wyncie King sent his caricatures to the Filson.
Sergeant Alvin York, World War I hero and recipient of the Medal of Honor. King sketched him when he stayed at the Watterson Hotel in Louisville during his bridal trip. On the back of the drawing, King wrote that York was "a mild looking gent to be…
Pencil and watercolor sketch of Andrew G. Leonard, who was the steward of the Kentucky Jockey Club. Leonard holds a pair of binoculars in his hand.
Pencil and watercolor sketch of Desha Breckinridge, editor of the Lexington Herald from 1897 to 1935.
Brigadier General Francis Marshall commanded troops at Camp Zachary Taylor during World War I and was awarded the Army Distinguished Service Medal for his leadership during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. He died in an airplane crash in 1922.
Harriet Monroe was the editor of Poetry magazine in Chicago, Illinois and played an important role in the development of modern poetry. King sketched Monroe when she visited Young E. Allison in Louisville.
Harvey Joiner was a landscape artist from Louisville known for his paintings of beech trees.
James D. Black, former governor of Kentucky. King sketched most of his subjects from the shoulders up, but in this drawing we get the impression that Black was a short man with an eye for fashion.
Lieutenant Adrien Florent was a member of the French Military Mission at Camp Zachary Taylor during World War I.
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