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    Successor of the “Gibson Girl,” Howard Chandler Christy’s (1873-1952) interpretation put his leading lady into wartime service for the United States Navy, Marines, and Red Cross, as seem here. Christy would become one of the Jazz Age’s most popular portrait painters

    American Red Cross poster showing a nurse in the fore depicted in the style of Virgin Mary and an oversized red cross with text that reads “Make Our American Red Cross In Peace as in War — ‘The Greatest Mother in the World’ — Third Red Cross Roll Call Nov. 2-11, 1919.” Illustrated by A. E. (Alonzo Earl) Foringer, (1878-1948).

    American Red Cross poster illustrated by Haskell Coffin (1878–1941). Features a Red Cross nurse with outstretched hands. Text reads “Third Red Cross Roll Call”
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