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Scrapbook page featuring souvenirs and memorabilia from the 1923 Kentucky Derby. Items on the page include the Derby Dinner menu at the Brown Hotel; a Club House return check from 1925; a ticket to the Ladies Clubhouse, and two photographs of the…
Frank Russell atop a heading at a stave mill-- possibly Clay City.
"Sis" and Toska play outside at the family's first home in Clay City. "Sis" is assumed to be the daughter of the hired help.
Frank Russell (pictured on the right) along with a R. B. Moore, hunt chickens in South Dakota, 25 miles north of Clark. The men are pictures with their dogs, Nell and Bob.
Frank Russell pictured with two other men named Ramsey and Cox in front of the Clay City National Bank, ca. 1903. Frank would later be Director of the Lincoln Bank and Trust Co., U. S. Trust Co., and the Winchester Bank.
Hobart atop a horse in 1903.
On a duck hunting trip with Frank in January of 1904, Lilian is seen here with a rifle off the Florida coast.
On a duck hunting trip with Lilian in January of 1904, Frank is seen here with a rifle off the Florida coast.
"Pop" (Frank), "Ellie" (Lilian), Tox, and Hobart are photographed in May of 1905 on a carriage ride, pulled by the family horse named "Decker."
Photograph of members of the Clay City Baseball team.
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