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A photograph of Johanna Gunter (center) sitting on a chair looking at a book while three of her children look on. From left to right: Hermann, Erna, and Ralph (sitting beside his mother on a stool). The description on the photograph says Garden…

Portrait of Paul Gunter.

Photograph taken by Paul Gunter of Gunter children at a Lucia Ave house in Louisville, KY, ca. 1894.

Photograph of a group of women and children on the porch of a house located on Mellwood Ave in Louisville, KY.

Portrait of Johanna and Erna Gunter outside on a rocking bench at their home on Transit Ave.

Landscape of man fishing at a creek with trees and a bridge surrounding him

Photo portrait of Gunter feeding a squirrel at a fence

Photo portrait of three men outside, posing casually. The man on the right is possibly identified as Theodore Eitel and the man on the left is possibly identified as Otto Ufer.

Photo of mill and rock formation amongst trees

Photo of Gunter and two other photographers; they are outside looking at their cameras. The man in the middle has possibly been identified as Theodore Eitel.
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