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Photograph of home at 1313 Mossrose Ave ca. 1913.
Scrapbook page featuring souvenirs and memorabilia from the 1923 Kentucky Derby. Items on the page include a jockey on the horse, a general admission ticket, a ticket to the grandstand, and an image of the winning horse with roses from the Kentucky…
Close-up of a photo on a scrapbook page created by Mary Elizabeth Theobald. The image is of the winning horse and jockey.
Photograph from Mary Elizabeth Theobald's scrapbook of the 1923 Kentucky Derby Grandstand.
Old Forester and Brown Forman Distillery Kentucky Derby Festival Parade flat, ca. 1956-1967.

Card photograph of Catharine Manser Stow (1811-1899). According to the family, Catharine is wearing the wig that her daughter, Viola Stow Dufour [018PC4.03] commissioned for Catharine's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. It cost $20 and, due to…
View of crowds at Churchill Downs, ca. 1930s. People in hats are walking around, and many parked cars are in the background.
Originating in 1956 on a budget of only $640, the annual Pegasus Parade is the Kentucky Derby Festival's oldest event. This photograph shows a U. S. Army Armor Center parade float, ca. 1960s.
Kentucky Derby hats are a long-standing tradition started by women; however men have taken part in the tradition as well over the years. For well-to-do late 19th and early 20th century women, Derby day was an opportunity to be seen in the latest…
A group of men and women dressed in nice clothes and hats pose for a photograph under a tree.
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