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Heavily damaged, and burned building in the Earthquake Baroque style. Front reads, "Saint Luis Church" Verso reads, "4/13/46"

Heavily damaged building with a tower surrounded by piles of rubble. Front reads, "City Hal[l]" Verso reads, "4/13/46"

Bullet-riddled building at the University of the Philippines in Manila. Front reads, "Villamor Hall U. (P.)" Verso reads, "4/17/46"

Destroyed building, probably in Manila, Philippines. Text on front illegible. Verso reads "4/17/46"

Novia James White (standing left) poses with a B-29 crew next to the front landing gear of number 32 in 1945. Most of the men are dressed in flight suits, while a few wear khakis.

Aerial of Tokyo, Japan showing a network of roads and railroad tracks. Some damaged buildings can be seen. Verso reads, "Burned out portions of Tokyo very clear picture taken 31Aug 45. Two days before final surrender. Taken by our bombadier (Lt.…

A Shinto shrine, probably on Tinian Island, shown with extensive damage.

Aerial view of a military base surrounded by open fields, and wooded areas. Verso reads, "313th Wing Headquarters Tinian."

Aerial view of a coastal area of Japan with B-29 aircraft flying overhead. Verso reads, "34 Japan Canals."

Aerial view showing a river, and urban center. Front reads, "Tokyo" and "A non-burned out section". Verso reads, "One of the few sections not completely burned. This was taken 31 Aug 45."
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