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Agreement between Eliza Hundley, James Guthrie, and Robert Tyler
Women sometimes exercised greater power than the letter of the law accorded them. Annie Henry Christian, an early settler of Jefferson County, directed her husband's salt works operation south of Louisville following his death in 1786. Eliza Tevis, a…

Appointment Document signed by James Monroe, 3 December 1823

Monroe confers upon James Brown, U.S. Minister to France, full powers to negotiate with the French government concerning "claims to indemnity of citizens of the United States on the government of France," or of French subjects upon the U.S. and…

Blank Hospital Bill, ca. 1918

1919 Bernheim Memorial Hosp_BF_J59_296.jpg
In January 1918, distillers and philanthropists Bernard and Isaac Bernheim contributed $100,000 for an addition to the Jewish Hospital. One of the conditions attached to the brothers’ donation was their request to rename the hospital Bernheim…

Campaign letter to alumni of Seneca High School (Louisville, KY), ca. 1985
Campaign material in the form of a letter written by Jerry Abramson to classmates of Seneca High School

Certificate of Deposit signed by Henry Clay, 4 June 1827

A partially printed document certifying that Octavius Pickering deposited in the Office of the Department of State Volume III of his book entitled Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Massachusetts. The certificate includes…

Check for T. J. Humphrey from W. L. Weller, May 6th, 1891.
Check for T. J. Humphrey for three hundred dollars for the Louisville Baptist Orphan's Home, signed by W. L. Weller.

Check to T. J. Humphrey from W. L. Weller, July 3rd, 1891.
Check to T. J. Humphrey from W. L. Weller & Sons of three hundred dollars.

Check to T. J. Humphrey from W. L. Weller, June 20th, 1891.
Check to T. J. Humphrey of five hundred and five dollars with ninety cents from W. L. Weller.

Draft of a letter from James Madison to the General Assembly of Kentucky, 22 March 1817

A draft of a letter thanking the assembly for their address of February 4, at the time when he is closing his public career. Madison calls Kentucky "a State yielding to none in the character which gives notice to its sentiments." Draft is on verso of…