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Campaign letter to alumni of Seneca High School (Louisville, KY), ca. 1985
Campaign material in the form of a letter written by Jerry Abramson to classmates of Seneca High School

Letter to Miss Mary A. Hollingsworth from an unknown author, December 2nd, 1895.
Incomplete letter. Unnamed author (seemingly adoptive parent of "Minnie") writes to include "a few lines this 'lonesome rainy day'" from Minnie. Minnie writes about the weather and asks about her little sisters and brothers still in the Home. The…

Letter to Miss Mary A. Hollingsworth from an unknown author, July 4th, 1895.
Incomplete letter. Unnamed person writes to Hollingsworth regarding Noe, who he says was taken about 18 months or two years ago by a Mr. J. W. Coplinger of Luisble Co., KY. Noe is about 12 years old. Author says that "we learned that Mr. C- wishes to…

Agreement between Eliza Hundley, James Guthrie, and Robert Tyler
Women sometimes exercised greater power than the letter of the law accorded them. Annie Henry Christian, an early settler of Jefferson County, directed her husband's salt works operation south of Louisville following his death in 1786. Eliza Tevis, a…

Framed documents from the Women at Work Exhibit
A framed set of four documents from the Filson's exhibit "Women at Work." Documents start from the left and go clockwise:

Letter from Jewish Ladies Benevolent Society No. 1 to Jewish Hospital, October 5, 1914
In a letter to the Jewish Hospital board president, Gussie Newberger outlines how the Jewish Ladies Benevolent Society No. 1 wants its donations to that hospital to be used. She explains that the society would like $65 spent on a “Demonstrator” doll…