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Framed documents from the Women at Work Exhibit
A framed set of four documents from the Filson's exhibit "Women at Work." Documents start from the left and go clockwise:

Agreement between Eliza Hundley, James Guthrie, and Robert Tyler
Women sometimes exercised greater power than the letter of the law accorded them. Annie Henry Christian, an early settler of Jefferson County, directed her husband's salt works operation south of Louisville following his death in 1786. Eliza Tevis, a…

Letter from Viola Stow to brother Loring Stow, 1858
The young women found the seminary's rules severe. They were afraid to be caught talking during the strictly enforced quiet study time. In their correspondence, several students refer to their school as a "nunnery." They sometimes found it a lonely…

Letter from Melissa Jackson to Loring Stow, May 4, 1859
Stow began to see the school in a more positive light as graduation approached. She wanted to be a teacher but expected her mother and older brother to oppose her aspirations. She taught in her hometown for several school terms in the early 1860s but…

Letter from Julia S. Genzburger, October 18, 1908

October 18, 1908 letter from the NCJW’s Chairman of the Committee on Religion, Julia S. Genzburger, asking to use the Temple’s Assembly Hall to conduct religious instruction for “the children of the West End and of the East End.” Courtesy of the…

Letter to Mary Hollingsworth from J.S. Coleman, February 14th 1873.
Letter to Hollingsworth from Coleman of the Western Recorder in Louisville. Coleman and Hollingsworth are meeting for a job opportunity.

Letter to Mary Hollingsworth from J.J. Swan, December 10th, 1873.
Letter to Hollingsworth from J.J. Swan of the Union Depot Hotel in Rockport, Indiana discussing Bethel Church.

Letter to Mary Hollingsworth from J.S. Phelps, February 21st, 1874
Letter to Hollingsworth from J.S. Phelps of Planters Tobacco Warehouse writes to Hollingsworth on behalf of his business partner, Winston, and Winston's wife, Phelps' cousin. Letter is marked Louisville, KY

Letter to Mary Hollingsworth from G.H. Black, April 12th, 1875
Lettet to Hollingsworth from E.H. Black of the Kentucky Insitution for the Education of Feeble-Minded Children confirming the arrival of a little girl from the home.

Letter to Baptist Orphan's Home from R.E. Ryan, August 29th, 1876.
Letter to the home from R.E. Ryan of the Daily and Weekly Ledger, concerning a woman interested in sending her seven year old daughter to the home. Answer written on the back, addressed to a Dr. Peter.