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Campaign letter to alumni of Seneca High School (Louisville, KY), ca. 1985
Campaign material in the form of a letter written by Jerry Abramson to classmates of Seneca High School

Letter from Samuel Sevey, Jr. to E. Smith, 2 February 1819

Sevey, Samuel Jr. (Mss. C S) - p. 1.jpg
Sevey reports to his uncle on health, education, business, hunting, family and steamboats from both a personal and general perspective. Speaks specifically of personal business and profits, number of steamboats built in town and misfortunes and death…

Letter from Richard Taylor to Edmund Taylor, 15 November 1834

Letter - Mss. A T238d 18.jpg
A letter of 15 November 1834 from Richard Taylor to Edmund Taylor describing the escape of John Taylor and an enslaved man named Toney from the steamboat accident involving the Missouri Belle and Boones Lick.

Letter from D. McNaughtan to John Brunton, 24 March 1840

Mss CM -McNaughtan1840 Canal and Bridge.JPG
Letter to John Brunton. On page 1 is a unique pencil sketch of the Louisville waterfront, head of the Portland Canal, and the steamboat Louisville drawn and described by McNaughtan.

Letter from Samuel Wigglesworth to Thomas Wigglesworth, 17 July 1839

Mss. C W - SS Elk-Wigglesworth056.jpg
Letter from Samuel Wigglesworth, a physician from Boston, to his father Thomas Wigglesworth of Boston, written at Cleveland, Ohio, Cincinnati, on board Steamer "Elk" near Louisville and St. Louis. Wigglesworth travelled from Boston to Buffalo, then…

Letter from W. N. Carroll to Jane Carroll, 9 December 1838

Carroll letter (Mss. C C).JPG
Letter from W. N. Carroll to his mother Jane Carroll from the steam boat Campte, which is "hard and fast aground" at Flint Island, located on the Ohio River in far western Meade County, approximately 45 miles southwest of Louisville. He reports that…

Jonathan Clark Steamboat Ride Diary Entry, 9 November 1811

Jonathan Clark Diary 11-9-1811 (Mss. A C593a).JPG
Shortly before his death, on 9 November 1811, Jonathan Clark recorded in his diary his ride on the first steamboat on western waters, the New Orleans. He rode from Louisville upstream to Diamond [Eighteen Mile] Island and back.

Signature of Fanny Thruston Ballard, from letter to Cecelia Larrison, 2 August 1855

Fanny signature, from letter to Cecelia, 2 August 1855.jpg
Signature of Fanny Thruston Ballard (1826-1896), from one of five letters written to Cecelia Larrison (1831-1909).

Signature of Cecelia Larrison, from letter to Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston, 5 April 1898

Cecelia signature, from letter to RCBT, 5 April 1898.jpg
Signature of Cecelia Larrison (1831-1909), from one of six letters written to Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston (1858-1946).

Letter from Cecelia Larrison to Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston, 31 March 1898

Cecelia to Thruston, 31 March 1898 (p 1).jpg
One of six letters to Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston (1858-1946) from Cecelia Larrison (1831-1909), a woman formerly enslaved by the Thruston family.