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Blue Boar Cafeteria architectural drawing, 1935

Drawing of 1935 remodel of Walnut St. Blue Boar, including interior elevations.

Greyhound Terminal Building architectural drawing, 1936

Greyhound station_North_&_South_Elevations_#13.jpg
Architectural drawing for the Greyhound bus terminal at 5th and Broadway in Louisville designed by W. S. Arrasmith. This was the first bus terminal the firm designed for Greyhound. Following its successful completion, the Wischmeyer, Arrasmith, &…

YMHA First Floor Plan architectural drawing, 1915, 1928

Drawing from 1915 by Joseph & Joseph and lighting recommendations from 1928 by the Louisville Gas & Electric Company (LG&E) for the Young Men's Hebrew Association (YMHA) building.

The 1915 Joseph & Joseph architectural drawings are of the…

Todd Building blueprint, n.d.

Blueprint for office building for J. Ross Todd on Market Street in Louisville, Ky.

American Tobacco Warehouse architectural drawing, 1947

Architectural drawing of American Tobacco Warehouse created by O'Toole, mostly dating to ca. 1925-1956 when he worked for D. X Murphy & Bro., Architects, a firm in Louisville, Ky.