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    Dr. Brandon writes to the Home requesting information on adopting a "nice little girl with smath temper and industrious and of a good family 9 or 10 years old." He states that he and his wife do not have children, and that the girl would be mostly for company for his wife. Another letter is included from L. B. Andrews, J. W. Taylor, A. J. Taylor, and G. W. Taylor providing a reference to the character of the Brandons. The letterhead is marked W. C. Brandon, M.D., Diseases of Women and Surgery Generally a Speciality. Letter marked Vealsburg, KY. In a letter from 30 Dec 1893, Brandon specifies the type of child he and his wife would like: "blk or brown eyes and h[hair] and smart both mentaly and moraly and with smooth temper and easly controled of American descent and with a good constitution [and] not so overly large to its age." He says that they will take the girl as an apprentice but will leave her a child's portion of his estate if she treats them well in their old age. Letter marked Vealsburg, KY. In a letter from 23 Jan 1894, Brandon writes to the Home about Minnie, the girl he and his wife adopted from the Home. He says that they could not have found a child better suited to them, and goes into detail about how happy he and his wife are with her, including her intelligence, demeanor, and adjustment. He also writes that he himself is a "half orphan," as his father died when he was young and his mother never remarried. Letter marked Vealsburg, KY. In a letter from 20 May 1894, J. W. Taylor writes to the Home to say that he was "so badley mistaken in Mr. W. C. Brandon when we recomendid him to you as a good home for one of the children." He says that he "has never cared the child to church sinc she has bin hear" and explains that Brandon taught Minnie to play checkers on Sunday. He states that "he has bin making minnie cut all the wood they cooked with for a weak or mor" and suggests she be taken away from him. Letter marked Vealsburg, KY. In an undated letter from box 11, Brandon writes asking to be contacted "8 or 10 days before you send her" so he knows when to expect her in Paducah. He also asks for her place of birth. Letter marked Vealsburg, KY.
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