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    Mrs. Hayes writes to Weller to say "it is with great pleasher that I write to you that we are dissatifide of your all children they dont suit me and we want to send them back." She asks for Weller to answer the letter immediately so that she can send the children back from Paducah on the morning train. Letter marked Bardwell, KY. In a letter from 19 Sept 1894, Hayes responds to Weller asking about the objections to the children. She says that "they Joy us and are saucy and fight with one another and another thing we had some small change about the house the other day and the little boy got hold of some money [...] and never asked us for it." She goes on to say that her mother is getting old and doesn't like "bad children." Letter marked Bardwell, KY. On a telegraph from 20 Sept 1894, Daniel Hayes writes "the children leave elevent thirty five tonight." Letter marked Palmer House, Paducah, KY.
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