Mourning Bracelet


Mourning Bracelet


Mourning bracelet made of twisted gold wire, copper pearl, and the hair of Alexander Scott Bullitt. Inscribed with Bullitt's initials (A.S.B). Alexander Scott Bullitt was born in Virginia in 1761. He migrated to Kentucky around 1783, first living in Shelby County. He married Priscilla Christian Bullitt in 1785, the daughter of William and Annie Henry Christian, major landowners, enslavers, and operators of salt works in Kentucky. Her father William gave the couple 1,000 acres of land as a wedding present. Part of this land was sold and additional land purchased, which became Oxmoor Plantation. The first dwelling was built on the land in 1791. The 1810 census shows that Bullitt enslaved eighty-three individuals, and that his household consisted of seven free white persons.



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