Isaac Shelby circular, 31 July 1813


FRANKFORT, July 31st, 1813.

THE following address to the militia of Kentucky will inform you of the call that has
been made upon the governor of Kentucky for a reinforcement to the North Western Army:
and of my views as to the mode of complying with it. I forward one to you particularly, sir,
under the hope that you will exert your influence to bring into the field all the men in your
power. Be so good as to acknowledge the receipt of this letter, and apprise me of the calcu-
lations which I may make of the number of men that can be raised in your county---and
whether it will suit your convenience to go with us. I shall at all times take a pleasure in
acknowledging the public spirit by which you will be actuated---and the obligations you will
lay me under.
I have the honor to be, very respectfully, sir, your obt. serv't.

Norborne B. Bealle. Esq. Isaac Shelby


YOUR government has taken measures to act effectually against the en-
emy in Upper Canada. Gen. Harrison, under the authority of the President of the United
States, has called upon me for a strong body of troops to assist in effecting the grand objects
of the campaign. The enemy in hopes to find us unprepared, has again invested For Meigs;
but he will again be mistaken; and before you can take the field he will be driven from that

To comply with the requisition of Gen. Harrison, a draft might be enforced; but be-
lieving as I do, that the ardor and patriotism of my countrymen has not abated, and that
they have waited with impatience a fair opportunity of avenging the blood of their butch-
ered friends, I have appointed the 31st day of August next, at Newport, for a general
rendezvous of KENTUCKY VOLUNTEERS. I will meet you there in person. I will
lead you to the field of battle, and share with you the dangers and honors of the cam-
paign. Our services will not be required more than sixty days after we reach headquarters.

I invite all officers, and others possessing influence, to come forward with what mount-
ed men they can raise: each shall command the men he may bring into the field. The
superior officers will be appointed by myself at the palce of general rendezvous, or on our
arrival at head quarters: and I shall take pleasure in acknowledging to my country the
merits and public spirit of those who may be useful in collecting a force for the present emer-

Those who have good rifles, and know how to use them will bring them along. Those
who have not, will be furnished with muskets at Newport.

Fellow Citizens! Now is the time to act; and by one decisive blow, put an end to the con-
test in that quarter.


Frankfort, July 31st, 1813

Aug 9
Public Service
Paid 10
Norborne B Beale Esq.


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