Broadside for Kentucky General Assembly supporting national unity, 7 January 1807


Broadside for Kentucky General Assembly supporting national unity, 7 January 1807


Resolution to the Governor of Vermont, Isaac Tichenor, from the General Assembly of Kentucky, supporting national unity and expressing confidence in the general government. Approved by Kentucky governor Christopher Greenup on 9 December 1806 and signed by John Rowan as secretary.


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Rowan, John
Greenup, Christopher


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FRANKFORT, (K.) December 22, 1806.


IN compliance with the request of the Legislature of this State,
I transmit to you a copy of several resolutions agreed to in the
present session, expressive of the sentiments of this State towards
the Government of the United States.

I have the honor to be,
Sir, your most ob't servt.

Christ.o Greenup

His Excellency, The Governor }
of the State of Vermont }

Page 2

IN GENERAL ASSEMBLY, December 4, 1806.

Whereas it is considered of importance, that citizens living un-
der the same government should be correctly informed of the
views and intentions of every portion of the community; and as
the sentiments of the people of Kentucky, may be misunderstood
by those who, from their remote situation, have not an opportunity
of judging of the disposition which the citizens of this state enter-
tain towards the general government ; and as an expression of the
public will through their representatives, is deemed the most effec-
tual mode to prevent any misapprehension of our sentiments
which might be occasioned by the conduct of individuals, or might
grow out of misrepresentation—

Resolved, Therefore, by the general assembly, that the people
of Kentucky, feel the strongest attachment to the federal govern-
ment and consider a dismemberment of the union as the greatest
evil which could befall them, & would view with abhorrence any
individual or set of individuals who should attempt to separate
us from those whose interests are so intimately connected with our
own, and for whom the people of Kentucky entertain an unchange-
able attachment arising from a lively recollection of their united
efforts for liberty.

Resolved, That the people of Kentucky have entire confidence
in the present administration of the general government, and have
no doubt that such measures will be pursued, as are best calculated
to secure us peace and tranquility, and at the same time preserve
our enational honor from insult.

Resolved, That the governor of this state be requested to trans-
mit copies of the foregoing resolutions to the president of the United
States, to the executives of the different states, and to our present
senators and representatives in congress.


Approved December 9, 1806 }
Christo. Greenup, governor }
of the commonwealth of Kentucky. }
By the governor, }
John Rowan, Secr. }



John Rowan Sec.y


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