A map of the British American plantations…

A map of the British American plantations, extending from Boston in New England to Georgia, including all the back settlements in the respective…

A map of the State of Kentucky and the Tennessee Government

From Jedidiah Morse's American universal geography. Shows rivers, creeks, towns, forts, Indian boundaries, and the southern boundary of a military…

A map of the United States of America: with part of the adjoining provinces from the greatest authorities

Shows the thirteen colonies and as far west as the Mississippi River, including the western territory, Kentucky, and Tennessee, the northern tip of…

A topographical description of the western territory of North America

A topographical description of the western territory of North America, containing a succinct account of its climate, natural history, population,…

Carte géographique, statistique et historique du Kentucky.

Includes text on the climate, geography, economy, education, religion, government, etc. of Kentucky in 1825.

Cours du Mississipi: comprenant la Louisiane, les 2 Florides, une partie des Etats-Unis, et pays adjacents.

Course of the Mississippi: including Louisiana, the 2 Floridas, part of the United States, and adjacent countries. From P. Etienne Herbin de Halle's…

Course of the River Mississippi, 1775

LM_976-9999_R823_1775 copy.jpg

Course of the River Mississippi, from the Balise to Fort Chartres.

Facsimile of a map of Jefferson and Fayette Counties, Kentucky

Robert Johnson traced this map from a photostat made by Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston.
Johnson's map shows the settlement at Harrods Town, Squire…

Historical map of the Old Northwest Territory

Map of the Old Northwest territory. Reverse side has the Ordinance of 1787. Includes text on "How the United States came into possession of Northwest…

History of the Backwoods, or, the Region of the Ohio: authentic, from the earliest accounts

History of the Ohio Rivery Valley from early accounts. Includes many events, notices of prominent pioneers, sketches of early settlements, etc.

Il paese de' Cherachesi, con la parte occidentale, della Carolina Settentrionle, e della Virginia

Map showing the trans-Appalachian region in Kentucky and Tennessee west to the Mississippi and includes rivers, mountains, forts, Indian tribes and…

Kentucky and Tennessee, map

Map of Kentucky and Tennessee, 1825

Kentucky map, 1805

Map of Kentucky in 1805 showing towns, counties, rivers, creeks, and American Indian boundary lines. Taken from Aaron Arrowsmith's "A New and Elegant…

Les États-Unis De L'Amérique Septentrionale : Partie Orientale.

Shows rivers, lakes, forts, and Indian tribes. Covers part of the great lakes and some of the territory of the old Northwest. Relief shown…

Louisiana by de Rivier Mississippi

Shows rivers, lakes, and forts.

Map of battleground near Detroit in the War of 1812

Map of battleground near Detroit in the War of 1812, showing the location of Kentucky's troops.

Map of the Falls of the Ohio


Map of the Falls of the Ohio, from actual survey, adapted to the low water of 1819. Shows both Baker's route for a canal on the Kentucky side of the…

Map of the State of Kentucky, from actual survey, facsimilie.

Shows cities, towns, forts and stations, rivers, roads, etc. Includes notations on the fertility of the land and the quality of the salt licks.

Map of the state of Kentucky: with the adjoining territories, 1795

Map showing the Old Northwest and Southwest territories along with their rivers, towns, creeks, mills, courthouses, traces, forts, and salt licks.…

Map of the United States in North America with the British, French, and Spanish dominions adjoining, according to the Treaty of 1783

From New South Wales and St. James Bay in the North to the Carolinas and northern Florida in the South and west to the Mississippi River.
Map shows…

Plan of Lystra in Nelson County, Kentucky, 1795

Plan proposal of the town Lystra in Nelson County, Kentucky. The town was never built. Printed in "Winterbotham's Historical Views of the U.S.A."

Proceedings of the managers of the Ohio Canal Company, 11 September 1805

Proceedings of the managers of the Ohio Canal Company, at Louisville, on Wednesday, the 11th day of September, 1805.

State of Kentucky: Richard Henderson & Co., land grant

Land-grant survey which was made at the request of Robert Burton, Esq., agent for Richard Henderson & Co., on 20 April 1796, after a grant of 200,000…

Surveys on Elkhorn

Map of Elkhorn Creek

The American Geography

A view of the present situation of the United States of America, containing astronomical geography, geographical definitions, discovery, and general…

The plan of Bards Town as laid off by William Bard in 1782

An early plan of Bardstown, Kentucky, showing 130 lots situated on Grave, Market, Arch, and Main streets (north-south) and 1st-5th streets…

The State of Kentucky with the adjoining territories from the best authorities, 1800

Shows Kentucky and surrounding territories. Engraved for Payne's Geography, published by I. Low New York.

Trace of George Roger Clark's map of the Plan of the town of Louisville, 20 April 1779

This original plan of the city of Louisville was found in George Rogers Clark's surveyors book in 1881 and traced by R.C. Ballard Thruston in 1910.