Charles Scott's account on the Indian wars


Charles Scott's descriptions of the conflicts with Native Americans.

Extract of a letter, 3 May 1787


A one page extract dated 3 May 1787 expresses the hope that the recent treaty with Spain will help the trade prospects for the United States. On the…

Henry Miller observations on various medical topics, 22 November 1819


In a letter from Henry Miller to Samuel Brown, he shares his observations and speculations on various medical topics, particularly perception,…

John Shaw letters from prison, ca. late 1700s


John Shaw was a Presbyterian preacher who settled in Kentucky in the late 1700s. His letters are from prison, where he claims he had been wrongly and…

Letter between Mildred Ann Bullitt and E.B. Dickinson, ca. 1820


Tells of Annie Christian having had a baby recently and it being nursed by an African-American woman.

Letter discussing an elephant tooth found at the Falls of the Ohio, circa 1780s


Letter discussing an elephant tooth that was found at the Falls of the Ohio.

Letter discussing slavery, 31 January 1806


Letter discussing the hiring out of enslaved persons over the Christmas holiday. Letter includes the names of the enslaved individuals.

Letter from Abraham Hite to Alexander Scott Bullitt, 15 December 1796


Hite discusses the purchase of salt from Bullitt

Letter from Abraham Hite to Jonathan Clark, 13 December 1800


Letter from Abraham Hite to Jonathan Clark, in which he mentions land and the price of land on Beargrass Creek, stating Clark would take twelve…

Letter from Alexander Edmiston to Margaret Edmiston, 28 February 1807


Letter from Alexander Edmiston to his sister, Margaret, describes the health of the people in Yarrow Green, an outbreak of the mumps, a wedding,…

Letter from Alexander Scott Bullitt to Mr. Billie, 26 April 1786


Bullitt writes to purchase black silk, gloves, thread, and other mourning goods for Anne Henry Christian after the death of William Christian.

Letter from Amos Kendall to F. G. Flugel, 10 March 1815


In this letter, Kendall discusses social customs, quoting "Are you rich? You are courted and carressed. Are you poor? You are despised or neglected."…

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