Enslavement at Oxmoor Plantation

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Broadside advertising search for enslaved man named Hope, October 7th, 1822.

With funding from the Kentucky Genealogical Society, the Filson digitized and reinterpreted a portion of the Bullitt Family papers to highlight the people enslaved by the Bullitt family on the Oxmoor and Cottonwood Plantations from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century.

For use with the First American West, we have included documents related to those that would have been enslaved there in the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, by the Bullitt and Christian families.

This digital collection only represents a small portion of the Bullitt Family papers. Learn more about those enslaved at the Oxmoor and Cottonwood Plantations by visting our digital exhibit, I Scream America: The History of Enslaved People at Oxmoor Plantation, or research more about the family with the Bullitt Family papers finding aid