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Agreement between David Meade and John May, 1 March 1780.


John May's letter to Samuel Beall containing a 1 March 1780 agreement between May and Meade making him a quarter interest in 100,000 acres, purchased…

Alexander S. Bullitt land purchase, 7 July 1785


Agreement for the purchase of land in the Illinois Country by Alexander Bullitt from John R. Jones on behalf of John Holker.

Daniel Banta legal document, 1 March 1813


Legal document where Daniel Banta is making a complaint against Peter Banta, Albert Paris, and David Demarde over the price of some land acquired from…

Edward Worthington vs. Daniel Callaghan & others, 27 June 1801


Court case between Edward Worthington and Daniel Callaghan & others, regarding land Worthington had located for Callaghan in Harrison County,…

Field notes for a survey in Jefferson County, Kentucky, 1786


Field notes and plat of a survey done in Jefferson County, Kentucky, by George May. Taken from George May's survey book.

John May land entry book, 1783-1786


John May's land entry book. Included are from 1783 to 1786. They include surveys for Samuel Beall, George Mason, John May, Thomas Hughes, James…

Land Grant for James Black, 26 August 1816


This certificate grants 200 acres of land on Blue Spring Creek in Barren County, Kentucky, to James Black, probably for his service in the War of…

Letter from Barthelemi Tardiveau to St. John de Crevecoeur, 7 October 1789


In second letter dated 7 October 1789 Tardiveau writes St. John de Crevecoeur regarding the growing of cotton in Kentucky and Cumberland (Tennessee),…

Letter from George Rogers Clark to George Mason, 19 November 1779


Sketches of the enterprise and proceedings in the Illinois Country by Colonel George Rogers Clark, Commander of that Expedition, in a letter to…

Letter from Green Clay to Salley Clay, 8 January 1820


Writing from the bank of Mr. Jarrett's, Green Clay tells his wife of his travels in surveying around Clark's river, his trials and tribulations,…