Steamboating in the Ohio Valley Collection

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Letter from Samuel Sevey, Jr. to E. Smith, 2 February 1819<br /><br />
Sevey reports to his uncle on health, education, business, hunting, family and steamboats from both a personal and general perspective. Speaks specifically of personal business and profits, number of steamboats built in town and misfortunes and death…

Letter from Richard Taylor to Edmund Taylor, 15 November 1834
A letter of 15 November 1834 from Richard Taylor to Edmund Taylor describing the escape of John Taylor and an enslaved man named Toney from the steamboat accident involving the Missouri Belle and Boones Lick.

Letter from D. McNaughtan to John Brunton, 24 March 1840
Letter to John Brunton. On page 1 is a unique pencil sketch of the Louisville waterfront, head of the Portland Canal, and the steamboat Louisville drawn and described by McNaughtan.
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