Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.) Records, 1905-2008


Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.) Records, 1905-2008


Jewish hospitals -- Kentucky -- Louisville
Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.) -- History
Jewish physicians -- Kentucky -- Louisville.
Jewish physicians -- Kentucky -- Louisville
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The collection consists of the records of Jewish Hospital, which opened in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1905. The papers, dating from 1905 to 2008, consist primarily of board and committee meeting minutes, administrative and financial records, fundraising materials, correspondence, federal grant applications, publications, and scrapbooks. Most of the early records of Jewish Hospital were lost when the Ohio River flood of 1937 destroyed papers stored in the hospital’s basement. As of 2018, the Filson Historical Society has acquired the administrative papers of Jewish Hospital up through the year 1980.


Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.)


Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.) Records, Filson Historical Society


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Jewish Hospital photograph collection (019PC41)


Mss. BF J59

Collection Items

Maimonides’ Prayer
Mosaic created by Harold Berg for Jewish Hospital's 75th anniversary celebration. The mosaic features a quotation from Maimonides’ Prayer from the 12th century.

Ken Richardson, Transplant Coordinator, Micro Scoop, July 1980
Image from the Jewish Hospital periodical Micro Scoop from 1980. The image is of Ken Richardson, who served as the transplant coordinator at Jewish Hospital.

Colonel Sanders with Jewish Hospital Employees, April 1979
Image and caption from the Jewish Hospital periodical Micro Scoop featuring Colonel Sanders posing with nurses from Jewish Hospital. The Kentucky Fried Chicken founder was 90 years old when he died at Jewish Hospital in December 1980.

Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Graphics Department, Micro Scoop, February 1977
Image from the Jewish Hospital publication Micro Scoop featuring members of the Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Graphics Department at Jewish Hospital.

The Complex World of Hospital Finance, Jewish Hospital Journal, July 1976
This 1976 article from the Jewish Hospital Journal outlines the growing number of economic, regulatory, and legal pressures constricting hospital finances.

105-Year-Old Recipient of a Pacemaker, Service, February 1970
Clipping from the Jewish Hospital Publication Service featuring a recipient, Rev. James Purvis, of a cardiac pacemaker at 105 years old.

Progress at Jewish Hospital, Service, February 1969
This report from the Jewish Hospital publication Service touts recent achievements of Jewish Hospital. It draws back to the founding of the hospital in 1903 to demonstrate the progress and growth.

ICU-CCU Nurse with New Image Intensifier, Service, August 1968
Clipping from the Jewish Hospital Periodical Service, 1968.

Letter about Kosher Food Services, May 23, 1967
In this letter, Hy Spikell of Kosher Foods writes that after Jewish Hospital closes its Obstetrical Department, his business will provide “orthodox pre-cooked frozen meals” to Jewish patients at other Louisville hospitals.

Women's Guild Volunteers, Micro Scoop, February 1974
Clipping from the Jewish Hospital Periodical Micro Scoop feturing photos of women volunteers. The caption for the photo collage reads "Those Wonderful Ladies in Pink."
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