Baptist Orphan Home Records. Correspondence, ca. 1873-1910.


Baptist Orphan Home Records. Correspondence, ca. 1873-1910.


Hollingswoth, Mary A.
Weller, William LaRue, ca. 1826-1899.
Baptists – Kentucky.
Orphanages – Kentucky – Louisville.
Orphans – Kentucky – Louisville.


Correspondence, 1873-1910, to Mary A. Hollingsworth, matron, and others about the placement of orphan children, the occasional return of the same to the home, recommendations for foster parents, descriptions of children, medical treatment, accomplishments, etc. Also, miscellaneous bills and receipts, arranged alphabetically, 1871-1897, from Kentucky businesses concerning payment for food, fuel, repairs, equipment, etc., plus a few listings of donations from various churches and others.


The Louisville Baptist Orphan Home


Manuscript Collection, The Filson Historical Society


The Filson Historical Society


ca. 1873-1910


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Collection Items

Letter to the Baptist Orphans Home from M. D. Jeffries and J. W. Miller, undated.
M. D. Jeffries and J. W. Miller writes to the Home to "represent Mr. John Forbis and wife to be good and honest persons" that would be "good-loving and faithful friends to any child." Letter marked Louisville, KY.

Letter to W. L. Weller from Mrs. J. Moorman, undated.
Moorman writes to Weller in regard to "getting a good boy to take in [her] home." She says that there is a new school in the area, and that she would prefer he be between 12-14 years of age. Letter unmarked.

Letter to the Baptist Orphans Home from Dr. William A. Guthrie, undated.
W. A. Guthrie, attending physician, writes to "certify that the cause of Willie Worix's Death was caused from Summarice [?] he had all the medical attention necessary." Letter marked Franklin, KY.

Incomplete Letter from R. W. Mahan, undated.
Mahan writes to the Home on behalf of Daniel Hays, asking him to "send them the ages and characteristics of the boy and girl." He adds that Hays is "a bachelor and probably will remain such." Letter marked Barwell, KY.

Letter to Miss Mary from Mrs. W. Martin, February 9th, unknown year.
Martin writes to Mary in response to her letter of the 4th with advice in regards to the little girl, stating that she "can and will give a child a good home teach her house keeping." She says that she is considered a good housewife and that her…

Letter to Mr. Weller from Mary Gwaltney, January 30th, unknown year.
Gwaltney writes to Weller, thanking him for his letter "containing information regarding the orphans." She says that "the ladies here wish girls of twelve and fourteen years old to train for servants," saying that they would treat them as their own.…

Letter to a depot agency from Rev. R. Bowen, May 4th, unknown year.
Bowen writes to the depot agent, asking if he will "please see that these orphan children get a hack that will take them to the Baptist Orphan Home." Letter marked Pinesville, KY.
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