Enid Bland Yandell, 1869-1934


A selected set of items from the Enid Bland Yandell Photograph Collection and the Enid Bland Yandell Papers at The Filson Historical Society

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Color Theory of Watercolor and handwritten notes, n.d.
Watercolor of color theory and had written notes created by Enid Bland Yandell. Date is unknown, but it was probably created during her time at the Art Academy of Cincinnati (1887-1889).

Red Cross Certificate, ca. 1918
American Red Cross certificate given to Enid Bland Yandell, honoring her for her service to the United States of America.

Appui Aux Artistes pamphlet, 1914
Appui Aux Artistes (Aid for Artists) pamphlet. Established by Enid Bland Yandell and four other women in August 1914. Appui Aux Artistes provided affordable meals for those involved in the arts and their families. Appui used American contacts to…
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