Caroline Hancock Preston Recipe Book, circa 1808-1827.


Recipes for food and home remedies collected by Caroline Hancock Preston (1785-1847). Preston was born in Fincastle, Virginia and was married to prominent Virginian William Preston, Jr. (1770-1821). She lived much of her life in Louisville and is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery.

This book includes recipes for delicacies such as fried cow heels and crab apple preserves. It also includes detailed directions for making useful concoctions such as nutmeg oil hair tonic, natural yarn dye, and a treatment for rheumatism using whiskey. Several pages include the names of the women who gave Preston the recipes.

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Directions for Dying Yarn
Directions for dying yarn, both wool and cotton. Colors include black, purple, green, and blue. Recorded in the recipe book of Caroline Hancock Preston.

Table Beer Recipe
A recipe for brewing "table beer" recorded in the recipe book of Caroline Hancock Preston.

Cures for Rheumatism and Other Ailments
Recipes for homemade remedies for rheumatism and other ailments, which feature whiskey as a primary ingredient. Included in the recipe book of Caroline Hancock Preston.
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