D. X. Murphy & Bro. Architectural Collection, 1854–1949


D. X. Murphy & Bro. Architectural Collection, 1854–1949


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Architecture – Kentucky.
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D. X. Murphy & Bro., Architects was a Louisville architectural firm. It grew out of the firm of architect Henry Whitestone, an Irish immigrant best remembered for designing the Galt House. In 1874, Whitestone hired Louisvillian D. X. (Dennis Xavier) Murphy (1853–1933), the son of Irish Immigrants, as a draftsman. When Whitestone retired in 1881, D. X. Murphy took control of the firm. In 1890, Murphy changed the name of the firm to D. X. Murphy & Bro., Architects and made his brother, J. C. (James Cornelius) Murphy, a partner. Murphy’s younger brother, Peter J. Murphy, worked for the firm as well.

The Murphy brothers designed many Louisville-area residences and business buildings, as well as several Catholic schools and churches in Kentucky. They also designed the Jefferson County Jail, the original Jewish Hospital, and one of Louisville’s internationally known architectural works, the grandstand and twin spires at Churchill Downs. In 1962 D. X. Murphy became Luckett and Farley, Inc. and is still a thriving Louisville architectural firm today.

This collection is comprised of architectural drawings from D. X. Murphy & Bro., most from the years 1880 to 1920. Additionally the collection includes records from the firm’s predecessor businesses: D. X. Murphy, Architect; Henry Whitestone, Architect; and Rogers and Whitestone, Architects. Types of projects include residential, religious, medical, governmental, commercial, industrial, and recreational facilities.


D. X. Murphy & Bro., Architects (Louisville, Ky.)


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Collection Items

Louisville Hotel Architectural Drawing, c. 1855
Drawing of the second floor of the Louisville Hotel, on 6th and Main Streets.

Unidentified Theater (thought to be the Louisville Auditorium) Architectural Drawing, 1916
Drawing of an unidentified theater thought to be the Louisville Auditorium. Location is not listed.

Irvin's Vault Architectural Drawing, 1867
Drawing of the Gothic mausoleum in Cave Hill Cemetery known as Irvin's Vault, which inters Captain J.F. Irvin. Shows front and side elevation.

Harlan Residence Architectural Drawing, 1861-1877
Front elevation drawing of the three story Italianate home of General John M. Harlan, located at SS Broadway, between 1st & 2nd Streets.

Fonda Brothers Building Architectural Drawing, 1881
Drawing of the four-story iron front facade of the Fonda Brothers Building (also called the A. Fonda & Sons Building, as well as A. G. & S. van R. Fonda's Building) on Main Street between 1st and 2nd Streets. The drawing was done in collaboration…

Church of Saints Peter and Paul Architectural Drawing, 1907-1908
Drawing of planned additions and alterations to the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, a Catholic church in Danville, Kentucky. Shows the church's facade, front elevation, and cross-section.

Distillery No. 6 Architectural Drawing, 1892
Hand-colored plans of distillery listed as Distillery No. 6, in the 5th District of KY, belonging to P. J. Mattingly & L. D. Mattingly of J. G. Mattingly & Sons. (signed Adolph Armbrust - draftsman, & P. J. Mattingly for L. D. Mattingly - attorney, &…

Bonnie Bros. Distillery Cattle Barn/Pen Architectural Drawing, 1903
Drawing of cattle pens located at 34th & Bank Streets.

Bonnie Bros. Distillery Architectural Drawing, 1910
Drawing of mechanical components for a new dry house for Bonnie Bros. Distillery at Ashland and Tyler Ave. (Louisville Drying Machinery Co.)

U.S. Custom House and Post Office Architectural Drawings, 1875-1891
Architectural drawings of additions and repairs to U.S. Custom House and Post Office buildings in Louisville. Drawings of the building at the southwest corner of 3rd and Green (Liberty) Streets include plans for three floors, which include the…
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