Ivey Watkins Cousins Negative Collection


Ivey Watkins Cousins Negative Collection


Louisville (Ky.)


Ivey W. Cousins, a native of Danville, Va., retired as a leaf tobacco buyer and dealer in 1944 and moved to Louisville, Ky. While living in his adopted city, he ran the Louisville Service Club's hobby shop and taught woodworking, became an assistant curator at the Louisville Free Public Library's museum, and began taking photographs of Louisville scenes. The collection contains only negatives and few have been printed. His photographs recorded street scenes and buildings primarily in downtown Louisville from Broadway north to Main street, and on the main north-south streets in this area. There are some photographs on Third and Fourth Streets in the Old Louisville residential area. Many of the scenes photographed no longer exist because of urban renewal, construction of expressways, and expansion of the medical center/hospital complex east of the central business district.


Cousins, Ivey W. (1897-1973)


Ivey Watkins Cousins Negative Collection




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black-and-white negatives

Collection Items

"Scrapco" advertising sign, Louisville Scrap Material Company
View of the iron man advertising sign at Louisville Scrap Material Company [the junk yard] at East River Road and North Preston Street. The sign underneath the iron man reads "I 'am' Scapco the Scrapman"

Northeast view of downtown Louisville
Northeast view of downtown Louisville from the top floor of the Columbia Building at the northwest corner of North 4th (Fourth) Street and West Main Street.

Old Medical School Building
East side of the Old Medical School building at 1st (First) and Chestnut Streets, now 550 South 1st (First) Street.

Storefront of Noah's Ark
Storefront of Noah's Ark at 204 East Market Street.

Louisville Public Bath House, 1959
Louisville Public Bath House at 219 South Preston Street.

View of Wick's Pharmacy at South 4th and Hill Streets
East side of South 4th (Fourth) Street at the intersection of South 4th (Fourth) and Hill Streets. Wick's Pharmacy on the corner.

Intersection of South 4th Street and Ormsby Avenue, 1959
East side of South 4th (Fourth) Street at Ormsby Avenue. The Colgate Palmolive Building is center frame.

South 3rd and Kentucky Streets
East side view of South 3rd (Third) Street at Kentucky Street.

West Main and South 3rd Streets
View of West Main Street at the southeast corner of South 3rd (Third) Street, building no longer standing. [The LG&E Center now stands there at 220 West Main Street].

Demolition of homes on S. Brook Street
Homes being demolished on Brook Street across from the former Louisville Male High School, now the Salvation Army, at 911 South Brook Street. These homes were torn down for Interstate 65 (I-65).
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