Frank B. Russell Scrapbook, 1870-1977


Frank B. Russell Scrapbook, 1870-1977


Clay City (Ky.)
Havana (Cuba) -- Photographs.
Staves and stave trade


On August 7, 1895 Lilian M. Stitzel married Frank B. Russell. Lilian, born in 1873, was the daughter of Philip Stitzel, who, in 1910, sold a distillery that later became the well-known Stitzel-Weller Distillery. Frank, born in 1868, was an enterprising man who, early in his career, was involved with the manufacture of beer staves (see image: Stave mill, ca. 1911 [SB R963_018]) and beginning in 1908 served as President of the Beer Stock Manufactures Association. Throughout his life he would endeavor into various industries, including oil, lumber, and banking. The couple had three children: Hobart (nicknamed Hobit), Toska (Tox), and Joyce. The Russells lived first in Clay City, Kentucky, and several images from this time are documented in this gallery. They later moved to 205 South Peterson Avenue in Louisville, where their home still stands today. This gallery documents the family’s time in both Clay City and Louisville, as well as their travels, hobbies, home life (including domestic staff), and Frank’s professional endeavors.

The images come from the Frank B. Russell Scrapbook, 1870-1977 (Mss. SB R963). The book contains more photographs like the examples shown here as well as the couple’s marriage announcement and associated correspondence, correspondence related to the birth of Mr. and Mrs. Russell’s son (Hobart), and other personal ephemera.

The Filson also has a collection of Frank’s papers (Mss. A R963). This collection focuses mostly on Frank’s research into the history of the iron industry in Kentucky. The papers include correspondence, 1940-1958; notes; newspaper clippings; and photographs of furnaces.


Frank B. and Lilian M. (Stitzel) Russell & Family


Frank B. Russell Scrapbook, The Filson Historical Society


ca. 1899-1911


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Russell, Frank B., 1868-1948. Papers, 1849-1958
Mss. A R963




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Mss. SB R963

Collection Items

Russell Home in Louisville, Kentucky
Image of the Russell Residence, located at 205 South Peterson Avenue.

Toska and Hobart Russell, 1906
Childhood portrait of Toska and her older brother Hobart-- or Tox and Hobit as the inscriptions throughout the scrapbook reveal their nicknames to be. Locket sized photographs of Lilian and Frank appear over the shoulders of Tox and Hobit.

Wedding portrait, 1895
Married on August 17, 1895, this photograph shows Lilian M. Stitzel and Frank B. Russell on their wedding day. Lillian would have been 22 when this photo was taken and Frank was 26.

Havana, Cuba, 1905.
This snapshot was captured on a 1905 trip to Cuba. The photo captures the happenings and people of Obispo Street.

Sunny day tricycle ride, 1911
The Russell's youngest daughter, Joyce. She is pictured here in 1911 at age three on a tricycle, parasol in hand.

Hobart Russell Driving, ca. 1915
This undated image shows Hobart (Hobit) Russel; getting ready to take his mother(Lilian Russell) and his sister Joyce for a car ride.

Below the Falls of the Niagara, 1911
Captured in September of 1911 this image shows members of the Russell Family posed below the Falls of the Niagara. The caption on the back reads: from left to right- Frank, Tox, Lilian, Joyce, Hobart, Kent, JBH, N, and Le.

Springtime picnic in Estill County, KY., 1896
A picnic scene outside of the Estill County iron furnace on April 26, 1896. Pictures on the far left is Lilian's brother, Arthur, next to an unidentified woman who stands next to Frank and Lilian Russell.

Five faces of Hobart Russell
Five undated images of Hobart Russell with various props and poses.

Coney Island, 1899
Image taken of two unidentified boys on the beaches of Coney Island.
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