Mammoth Life and Accident Insurance Company


Mammoth Life and Accident Insurance Company


Mammoth Life and Accident Insurance Company.
Wright, William H.
Hall, Henry E.
Doss, Arthur Douglass
Hankins, Junius E.
Price, Julius Sr.
African American business enterprises.
Louisville (Ky.)
Insurance companies


Mammoth Life and Accident Insurance, Co. (1915-1992) was one of the largest Black-owned and operated companies in Kentucky's history. Four individuals founded Mammoth Life during the "Golden Age of Black Business" in Louisville, Kentucky: B.O. Wilkerson, Rochelle I. Smith, William H. Wright, and Henry E. Hall. By 1928, Mammoth Life opened district offices in seven neighboring states: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. The corporation was central to the Black community for decades, especially during the height of racial segregation. In 1992, Atlanta Life Insurance bought out Mammoth Life, another Black-owned business headquartered in Georgia. By 1994, Atlanta Life closed down the flagship Louisville district office. This collection contains black and white photographs, newspaper clippings, and pastel portraits of former presidents ranging from ca. 1915-1980.


Harris Brothers (Photography Studio)
The Louisville Defender
The Louisville Leader
Jurige, Samuel


Nancy Demartra


The Filson Historical Society Special Collections Department


ca. 1915-1980


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Collection Items

Henry E. Hall
A pastel portrait of President Henry E. Hall. He was the first co-president of Mammoth Life with William H. Wright.

William H. Wright
A pastel portrait of President William H. Wright. He served as the first co-president along with Henry Hall.

Arthur Douglass Doss
A pastel portrait of the second president of Mammoth Life, Arthur Douglass Doss, known as A. D. Doss.

Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance Company newspaper advertisement in The Louisville Leader, January 1, 1949
Page five of The Louisville Leader published on Saturday, January 1, 1949 that appears to be an ad taken out by the company under President Arthur Douglass Doss, known as A. D. Doss.

Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance Company 50th anniversary advertisement in the Louisville Defender, 1965
Page 14, Section 2 of the The Louisville Defender published on Thursday, February 11, 1965 that appears to be an ad taken out by the Mammoth Life and Insurance Company for its 50th anniversary under President Junius E. Hankins.

Jane Hankins giving a speech, n.d.
Jane Hankins, wife of Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance president Junius E. Hankins, gives a speech at an undated event. Junius E. Hankins is sitting and watching the speech, and an unidentified African American woman stands behind the podium.

Switchboard operator at Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance, Company, n.d.
An unidentified African American woman operating a switchboard.

Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance, Co. employees attending "Secretaries Week," 1964
Three unidentified African-American women sitting on a couch for "Secretaries Week."

Office workers at the Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance, Co, 1965
Four unidentified African-American women working at typewriters at the Mammoth Life & Accident Insurance Company office. The inscription on the back reads, "Computer Din."

Julius Price, Sr. surrounded by Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts
Julius Price, Sr., president of Mammoth Life and Accident Insurance Company, surrounded by three African-American Boy Scouts and two African-American Cub Scouts from the Shawnee District in Louisville, Kentucky.
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